hmj-bulk-goods-aggregate-1 HMJ Landscape and Garden Center stocks several sizes of decorative river gravel as well as 2A limestone, 2B limestone, limestone sand, and masonry sand for all your landscaping and outdoor construction needs. Aggregate is available for pick-up at our facility located located at 2130 Reis Run Road in Pittsburgh, PA or for delivery to the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area.

#2 River Gravel
#3 River Gravel
#4 River Gravel
2A Limestone

2A limestone product varies in size from sand to 2″ size stones. This product is used as a compaction stone in construction projects. 2A limestone is commonly used to create a base for driveways, walkways, foundations or anywhere a solid base is desired.

2B Limestone

2B limestone is ½″ to 1-½″ size clean limestone. 2B limestone is washed to ensure a clean product for use as a drainage material in French Drains. 2B limestone is used to backfill retaining walls, and fill holes where no settling can occur. 2B limestone will not compact to a solid type base, the void spaces allow water to drain and will not compact like the 2A limestone.

Limestone Sand

Crushed limestone for use in the construction of paver patios and walkways. Works well as a leveling agent for retaining wall installations.

Masonry Sand

Masonry sand is very fine, smooth and screened which makes it extremely workable. Some common uses for masonry sand is for the base of above ground pools, bricklaying and for sand boxes. For this reason it is sometimes referred to as pool sand or play sand. It is typically white or a light golden tan color.